Vegetables To Cancer Prevention

Vegetables To Cancer Prevention

During this cancer so frightening for the community and become one of the top causes of death in Indonesia. Do not worry, as long as healthy living and eating regularly secured tubuhpun will be able to fight cancer cells. Because cancer is generally triggered by lifestyle and diet is not balanced.
There are 5 types of vegetables that can fight cancer cells early on, as reported by methodofhealing, the following:

Tomatoes contain lycopene which has been linked to reduced risk of ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and cancer porstat.

Vegetables, this one also have a vital role to fight the risk of breast cancer, stomach cancer, and skin cancer. Because broccoli contains sulforaphane.

Cauliflower and Cabbage
These vegetables also contain sulforaphane, which play a role against cancer, but the levels are not as high in broccoli.

Carrot and Pumpkin
Both types of vegetables are rich in beta carotene are very good for stamina. Pro Vitamin showed antioxidant properties that help in reducing high risk of cancer.

Remember the Popeye cartoon character who likes to eat spinach? Habits may also be replicated, because spinach has a high content of lutein, vitamin E, and antioxidants that can help in reducing the risk of colon cancer terkenanya, ovary, liver and prostate.

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