5 Ways Cook Low-Cholesterol

5 Ways Cook Low-Cholesterol
On a diet to reduce fat intake? Not that can not eat well. Many healthy foods can be processed in a way carefully. Try it some cooking in a friendly manner with the following cholesterol.

When a diet that is most feared is the reduced enjoyment of good food. Especially when dieting to reduce fat intake. This is usually done by those who have high blood cholesterol levels.
5 Ways Cook Low-Cholesterol
5 Ways Cook Low-Cholesterol (detikfood)

5 Ways Cook Low-Cholesterol

In order to control the amount of fat intake, should be started from the time of processing or cooking. Noteworthy is the reduction in the use of saturated fats trigger a rise in blood cholesterol (LDL). Some steps during cooking healthier you can try the following.

1. Use Less Fat
If it is mentioned in the recipe must use 50 g of butter or vegetable oil, use half dose only. To add a delicious flavor, half the dose can be replaced with a more healthy applesauce. Also use more seasoning. Like garlic, onions, various dried and fresh herbs can make the food so delicious and tasty without added saturated fats. Try to stir the chicken with broccoli basil or sprinkle with toasted almonds are healthier. 5 Ways Cook Low-Cholesterol.

2. Lean Meat
Fat in beef is a type of saturated fat should be limited. Therefore if you have to use beef, choose the tenderloin or lean meat has a quick tender and tasty. Some of the options following a meat substitute is equally tasty:

meat fish or shellfish
meat fat and chicken without skin
goat meat without fat
rabbit meat

Limit consumption of meat is not more than 180 grams a day.

3. Low Fat Cooking
Many healthy cooking methods that can be done, among others:

roasted, grilled, steamed, stir-fry with a little oil
use non-stick pan coated materials
use a little vegetable oil instead of butter or cooking dishes with broth or fruit juice and vegetables
discard excess fat that looks at cuts of beef or chicken
drain after cooking meat or chicken fat to melt completely leak
discard skin and fat in processed chicken meat before
Thicken sauce with cornstarch solution as a substitute for milk or cream

4. Increase servings of vegetables
Several times a week, replace animal protein with vegetable protein such as tofu, beans, lentils, or legumes. Do it gradually so that your appetite can adapt to the taste of vegetable protein. Then start with a fish instead of beef. Add more vegetable servings at each meal.

5. Avoid packaged foods
Own cooked food taste so much better. Therefore avoid consuming food packaging or preserved or instant food. Try making a dish that is easy and practical. Many cookbooks provide a practical guide to cooking and healthy. Shorter cooking, it tastes better and costs less too.

5 Ways Cook Low-Cholesterol

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