Exclusive: ‘Chinese Tea & Chinese Table Manners’

Exclusive: ‘Chinese Tea & Chinese Table Manners’

Jakarta – Good way to eat  a la Chinese etiquette you can learn directly in this special class.
Chinese dining etiquette is no less important to Western dining etiquette. Because Chinese cuisine is now worldwide, so in any country easily find Chinese restaurants of international standard. Globalpun association requires people to easily adapt to the environment.

That’s why we invite you to know the procedure for Chinese-style meal in the ‘Chinese Tea Chinese & Table Manners’. The event will begin with an introductory ‘Chinese Tea’ by Rachel Somantri, a lover of tea. Somantri Rachel will introduce the Chinese type, how to how to serve tea brewing. Includes demonstration and tasting Chinese tea brewing.

The procedure for dining a la China will be guided directly by Mr.Kelvin Chow, who is experienced in managing international standard Chinese restaurant. In particular Mr.Kelvin will lead you to direct practice and to know detailed procedure for eating according to Chinese culture.

All matters concerning the procedures for a complete meal will be discussed such as:

* Equipment eat
* Good way to sit
* Good eating: using chopsticks and spoons, take side dishes, side dishes and rice eating

Tickets that you pay includes lunch, practice and procedure of dining certificates. If you do not want to lag in the association, provide time on Saturday, November 27, 2010, at 10:00 to 14:00, at Table8, Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta, Jl. Asia Afrika, South Jakarta.

Places that we provide is limited. Immediately register yourself at 021-794 11 77 ext: 547 or redaksi@detikfood.com!

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