Fish Relish

Fish Relish

Keys :
Condiments Indonesian Indonesia Asian Oriental Hot Cold Ingredients : 4ozTuna fish, or: 3ozEel or: 3ozIkan teri 1cupThick santen (coconut milk) 4xCloves garlic 3xShallots, peeled and chopped 4xKemiri (candlenuts) 3xCabe rawit or: 2tspChilli powder 2tblTamarind water or 2tspTomato puree 1tspBrown sugar Salt 2tbl Vegetable oil

Method :
I find that the easiest and tastiest Sambal Ikan is made with canned tuna fish. Sambal made with eel, however, is also delicious; cut the eel up very small and wash it in vinegar. In Indonesia we make this sambal with ikan teri or ikan bilis (tiny dried anchovies). Pound the garlic, shallots, kemiri and cabe rawit into a paste. Fry this paste in vegetable oil in a wok for about half a minute. Put in the tuna fish, eel or teri; stir-fry for 1 minute and add the tamarind water, or tomato puree, sugar and salt. Stir in the santen, and go on simmering until the mixture becomes thick. This sambal can be served hot or cold.

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