Green Beans

Green Beans

300 gr greenbeans, 150 gr shrimps, 2 blocks of tofu, 1 board of petai, 6 pieces of red chili peppers, 5 pieces of small chili peppers (jalapeno or scotch bonnets), 5 pieces of shallots, 1 piece of chicken gizzard, 1 piece of chicken liver, 1 piece of galanga, salt and pepper. Direction: Cut beans into slices of about thumb length Clean theshrimps, cut their heads, boil for a few minutes Slice petai thinly Grind pepper and shallots Slice liver and gizzard Slice tofu into cubes, and fry them Heat pan with cooking oil Put in the ground spices above, Add shrimps, fried tofu, galanga, petai – mix evenly Add also green beans, chili peppers, gizzards, livers Mix them well, and add salt and pepper Cook until green beans is about 2/3 done so it is still a bit crunchy (al dente)

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