Hainan Rice Milk Tea Plus Liwet HongKong

Hainan Rice Milk Tea Plus Liwet HongKong

It is not only a tasty tea can dicicip here. There are dozens of other tempting foods. Monitor fried, Hainan chicken rice, and rice liwet good.

Especially for tea and coffee there is a wide selection of Hainan milk tea (either hot or cold), coffee and milk coffee O. Make friends drinking tea and coffee have various kinds of dim sum, including fried bread is a mainstay monitor. Frankly see dozens of food offered me so confused.

In addition to that will monitor I enjoy cooking with Hainan milk tea, a few main dishes too tempting. Various servings of chicken, meat, seafood, and vegetables are not much different from the general Asian restaurant menus. Steamed Rice stim written as rice dishes recommended by the waiter as the mainstay. The options also varied contents, seafood, chicken and beef.

Beef Steamed Rice a la Hong Kong (IDR 19500.00) looks very interesting.

Interestingly rice is placed in a container in the form of a white wooden bowl making it very attractive. Taste pretty fluffier rice with spicy sauce Shoyu (soy sauce) and fragrant spices ngohiang.

Vegetables Mi Snow here is presented in a flat plate with a portion that was not too big. Equipped with little pieces of carrot and broccoli. Delicious flavor is strong enough and not too filling. Inserts melting cheese was tasty, tasty, fragrant and delicious.

Hainan sniffs the sweet milk tea to rinse this meal. Views tea is not much different from the Thai iced tea or tea pull. If the Thai iced tea Thai tea wearing a little orange color  and then the Hainan is presumably a type of oolong tea. The smell of the tea is not too sharp. Actually taste the milk is more prevalent.

There are a variety of fried rice, bread, sandwiches and of course steaming hot dim sum. Prices are not too expensive and the portions are enough to make this restaurant is always crowded with visitors. Moreover, the available open area that is comfortable enough to enjoy in the morning or afternoon.

Tea Garden Eating House
Moscow office for Block A No. 2, Paramount Gading Serpong
Tangerang, Banten
Phone: 021-54213332
Opening hours: 07.00 – 22.00

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