Ikan Santen

Ikan Santen

500 gr MackerelSalt2 Onions1 tablespoon Sambal Ulek1 stalk lemongrass1 teaspoon trassi1 slice galangal400 ml (one tin) Coconut milk1-2 laurel leaves1 Daun jeruk purutOil

Season the fish and fry on both sides in the oil to a golden colour.Don’t overcook, the fish must remain firm. set aside.Using a mortar & pestle or food processor, make a paste from the onions, sambal, lemongrass, trassi and galangal.Add the coconut milk and, on a low flame, reduced the sauce to about halve its volume .place the fish in the sauce and add the laurel and jeruk purut leaves and simmer for a few more minutes.Serve with boiled rice.

Source : Indochef.com

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