Resep Sushi: Crispy Roll

Resep Sushi: Crispy Roll

100 g sushi rice
1 sheet nori
60 g salmon skin, fried
40 g tanuki (kremesan tempura)
10 g tobiko
20 g mayonnaise Japan


* Prepare makisu, put a piece of noro in atasanya.
* Take place the sushi rice on top makisu.
* Roll out to cover the nori. Flip the nori that has been given a sushi rice (a position that has not been given a nori sushi rice is on top).
* Place the salmon skin, roll with makisu to elliptical.
* Cut into 8 pieces.
* Mix the tempura and tobiko with kremesan give a little mayonnaise.
* Mix well and bake in a toaster for 3 minutes.
* Prepare a piece of sushi roll 8 pieces on a plate.
* Put the top piece kremesan tempura sushi roll one by one until evenly distributed.
* Serve the sushi with wasabi and gari.

For 8 pieces

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