10 Ingredients For Meat marinade Soft and Delicious

One of the challenges when processing red meat such as beef or lamb lies in how you make it so soft when chewed. To obtain the tender meat, usually, beef should be boiled for a long time or cut into small pieces. However, this method can reduce the softness of texture, and makes it less tempting for many lost its juice when boiled. In order to keep the meat tender and soft feel, see the trick.
10 Ingredients For Meat marinade Soft and Delicious
10 Ingredients For Meat marinade Soft and Delicious (shear-dunkdunk)

1. Sea salt
Sprinkle sea salt (not table salt) to the entire surface of the meat. Let stand for one hour and then processed. The salt will help to destroy the protein bonds in the meat so that the meat will be more tender.

2. Tea
Tea not only has merit for health, but also to make the meat tender. The content of tannins in it serves as a natural soft maker. Make 1-2 cups of black tea a thick, let stand until slightly cool then marinate the meat (marinade) in water tea a few minutes.

3. Orange juice, vinegar, or wine
The liquid contains acid to help soften the muscles and fibers of meat and add flavor. Use any juices that have a high acid content, such as lemon, lime, or pineapple. As for the vinegar, you can use a variety of vinegars such as balsamic vinegar, balsamic, or vinegar in the kitchen. If you want more meat has a unique taste, red wine marinade can be used for materials. The content of tannins in red wine may help soften the meat.

4. Tomato Ketchup
Tomatoes also contain a high enough acid. Then smear the meat with tomato sauce can also help make it tender. Acid content is also a major reason why the tomatoes used as BBQ sauce and rub on the meat before it was burned.

5. Beer
Just like wine, beer can also make meat tander and add taste. Alpha tannin and acid in beer has an important role in this process. The trick, just soak the meat in beer for an hour.

6. Cola
Maybe you’ve heard various processed meat cooked with cola mixture. In addition to producing a unique flavor, it also serves to mengempukkan cola meat. Marinate meat in cola (not diet cola) at least 30 minutes. Acid content in cola a catalyst to soften the muscle meat.

7. Ginger
Proteolytic enzymes naturally contained in ginger works to break down the protein bonds that become more tender meat. Marinate meat with ginger that has been shredded for a few minutes before the process.

8. Coffee
In addition to a delicious drink, coffee is also a material softener while strengthening natural meat flavor of the meat. To use, heat one cup of strong coffee, then cool and use to soak the meat. Soak for 24 hours until the meat is tender newly ingested.

9. Butter milk and yogurt
Both of these materials have a high acidity level. This product also contains calcium which can activate the enzymes in the meat to break down proteins.

10. Pineapple, kiwi, and papaya
These fruits contain enzymes capable of dissolving vegetable proteins and connective tissue in the meat. These fruits can be mashed or cut thin. Then use to smear the meat and let stand several hours before cooking.

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