Angry Birds Soda with Some Flavors

Do you know Angry Birds ? or Who does not know Angry Birds? Of you still have not tried the game, the naughty bird character present in a variety of forms. Even soda cans illustrated with Angry Birds in Finland, sells!
Angry Birds Soda with Some Flavors
Angry Birds Soda with Some Flavors (popscan)

Carbonated beverage products are always high sales figures. It also occurs in soft drinks in collaboration with Rovio, the company that makes the game Angry Birds. This drink comes with images of birds Angry Birds are cute.

In Slush conference held in Helsinki, Finland, Angri Birds soda was mentioned that it has been the highest selling drink. Reports from reporter of The Next Web said that the soft drink product outselling Pepsi and coke in Finland. This exceeds the number of soft drinks sales in some markets in the spring when it was first launched.

Peter Vesterbacka as CMO Rovio also expressed as soda Angry Birds will be on sale in New Zealand and Australia.

As reported by Web Pro News (28/11/2012), recently Angry Birds soda came out with four different flavors. Angry Birds Tropic, drinks with flavors of tropical fruit, Angry Birds Paradise, drinks mandarin orange and pineapple flavors, Angry Birds Lagoon, apple and pear, and Angry Bird sapce Comet with orange flavor and Coca-cola.

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