Carbohydrates and Protein make Muscular and Healthy Body

Form a six packs, many men are very desirable. Not quite the workout. But also with the consumption of nutritious foods. Such as carbohydrates and protein for energy is also increasing muscle.
Carbohydrates and Protein make Muscular and Healthy Body
Carbohydrates and Protein make Muscular and Healthy Body (

To establish a high posture, upright, flat stomach, and chest muscles boxes is not easy. Many men who go to the gym to find a solution. However, lack of awareness of the types of food it takes to make a person a failure.

Dehydration and fatigue often occur after exercise. Even the muscle fibers can also be tenuous and sagging. Consumption of foods high in protein can restore damaged muscle, a result of too much exercise.

Not only that, carbohydrates play an important role to replace the amount of energy wasted during exercise.

Consumption of eggs, meat, and milk contains a lot of protein to build muscle. Red rice is a complex carbohydrate to restore lost energy. Also minerals, water and vitamins to reduce dehydration during exercise.

Schedule of drinking water during exercise. There are three strategies to prevent dehydration during exercise. First drink 600 ml of water, two hours before exercise. Drink a little water during exercise and drink more after exercise to replace fluids lost through sweat.

With proper consumption of foods such as protein, complex carbohydrates, water, vitamins, and minerals along with aerobic exercise such as jogging, running, swimming and cycling, muscles can be formed as desired.

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