Eat Potatoes with Skin Make a Healthy Heart

A single source of carbohydrate is often a good choice for dieters. Boiling or steaming makes the texture is so very gentle. But most people, always discard the skin that are rich in fiber when eating it.

Food type tubers are growing vines on the ground. Plant was first cultivated in South America is also suitable to grow tropical. Plant height is only about 60 cm.
Eat Potatoes with Skin Make a Healthy Heart
Eat Potatoes with Skin Make a Healthy Heart (sabugar)

The color of potatoes before mature is green, and small. Once mature the color changes to yellow-brown and large. Large round shape and covered with a thin brown skin. Its skin is often removed or peeled when processed or eaten.

Beside rich in carbohydrates, potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals. Starch content can make a healthy stomach. Fiber content may also prevent colon cancer and insulin balance.

In addition, potato skins are considered junk turned out to be high in fiber. This fiber can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduce fat storage. Normal cholesterol levels can prevent heart disease and stroke.

“The skin of the potatoes should be eaten, because of the high fiber content is very good for people who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. Since this type of fiber dissolves in water it can control the work of insulin. “Said Dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS SpGK.

Rinse the potatoes until all the land that sticks regardless. After that potatoes can be boiled, baked, steamed or made other dishes. Eat the following potato peel to get the maximum benefit.

Eat Potatoes with Skin Make a Healthy Heart

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