How to Set The Kids Eat Right

Trouble eating or eating in a lot portion included in the bad diet. This will result in less or excess weight. This will result in less or excess weight. If you do not want this happen to your child, begin applying a regular diet.

How to Set The Kids Eat Right
How to Set The Kids Eat Right (societyforhumanisticpsychology)

How to set a correct diet. For example, Dont let them eat in front of the TV. Here are some ways to create healthy eating for children.

1. Provide snacks
Snacks should be given to prevent overeating or eating less at the next. You can give four pieces of fruit slices crekers or two hours before enjoying the main meal.

2. Do not let children starve
Let the children feel too hungry even be bad for their diet. Child might be eating large meals and it can cause weight gain.

3. Turn off the TV
Do not get used children eat while watching TV. It can also lead to overeating. Because it can spend a lot of food. As a result, the weight can quickly add up.

4. Do not use food as a punishment
Avoid threaten your child by not providing bread if he does not comply with your wishes. Because it can cause trauma to the baby food and do not like the food.

5. Give an example of good eating
Teach to eat vegetables for children can not be with words. Give an example by eating vegetables with the spirit of the child to know his favorite vegetable.

6. Give milk
Milk can be added to support nutritional health. However, do not give milk along with the main meal, because it can inhibit the absorption of calcium in the body.

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