Rice Cooker is now a part of lifestyle

Rice cooker is now a part of lifestyle. Not just for Asian people, but almost everyone in the world. With this tool a lot easier to cook the rice and the practical and hygienic. Model and its function is also more diverse.
Rice Cooker is now a part of lifestyle
Rice Cooker is now a part of lifestyle (pricearea)

If rice cooker had only used as rice cooker and warmers, its function is now starting to develop. It can warm side dish, steam and make porridge. Usually the rice cooker is equipped with features such as slow-cook, quick coock, keep warm, steam tray, delay timer, and smart logic.

Rice cooker also has several types, such as pot style and cool touch. Rice cooker pot kind of style is usually easy to operate. This species is also available in several sizes of from 3 to 30 cups of rice. Removable inner pot. This type of rice cooker can cook and stops automatically when the rice is done.

While the cool touch rice cooker has a lid hinged so it can keep moisture and humidity. The type of size 4 to 10 cups of rice. The Cook Methods are same with the type of pot style. Except for the inner pot that can not be removed but it will remain cool when it touch during the cooking process.

Most people call a rice cooker is magic com or magic jar. Basically the devices have the same function, namely cook and warm rice. The difference, rice cooker is a pot in a no-stick coated, in other words, rice can be sticky. While magic com is coated non-stick material. Besides rice cooker is able to warm up rice to 24 hours, while the com magic or magic jar up to 48 hours.

The components in the magic jar or magic com

a. 2 pieces LED light that serves as a sign: 1.Power 2. Warm
b. Thermostate, serves as a control switch or circuit breaker
c. Body element, namely the form of such winding wires covered with aluminum foil that serves as a heater. The body element is the most important component.
d. Close the element, similar to the body element, it’s just a different size. Her job control vapor levels.
e. Connector cable, connect the electrical current to the device.

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