The Characteristics of Formalin Noodles

The Characteristics of Formalin Noodles

Formaldehyde or formaldehyde is a chemical commonly used to eradicate the bacteria or serves as a disinfectant. Also serves to preserve and dry the skin. While coustic soda is used as a mixture of cleaning toilets and would be hot if exposed to water.
The Characteristics of Formalin Noodles
The Characteristics of Formalin Noodles(wownoodlehouse)

The Characteristics of Formalin Noodles

The material is not an additive for food but for the industry. If the human consumption of course will bring adverse effects on health. Disorders ranging from mild to serious illnesses such as kidney, cancer, and others.

The best and safe is homemade noodles. However, if you have to buy a wet noodle there are some things that need to be observed. Here are the characteristics of fresh noodles or wet noodles using hazardous materials.

A. When held feels very chewy noodles or clay.
2. In addition to wheat aroma usually smell like a drug despite repeated even boiled water rinsed.
3. Noodles are very tough when cut with a spoon. Chewy texture similar to natural rubber because kenyalnya derived from gluten flour.
4. Noodles stored or allowed to stand at room temperature for 1-2 days.
5. Mie has a bright yellow solid as a sign if using a dye that is not for food.
6. It was bland, chewy and tasty than wheat flour alone
7. The price is cheap, around Rp. 5000.00 per 1 kg

While the noodles are made from natural materials have characteristics:

A. When held noodles were soft texture.
2. Flavored wheat flour and eggs slightly rancid odor.
3. Mi is easy to break or fracture because it is not too tough. Clay texture of gluten flour and eggs.
4. When boiling water is somewhat murky because there are flour and eggs that come dissolved in it.
5. Noodles are not stored long lasting, easy to mold, especially if using eggs.
6. It was tasty, tender and gentle as using eggs.
7. The price is quite expensive at around Rp. 15000.00 per 1 kg.

Another alternative that is safe is to buy organic dried noodles, noodles with added vegetables or plain dried noodles produced by manufacturers that have international quality certificates. Although more expensive.

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