Bakso, One of the Most Popular Indonesian Foods

Bakso, One of the Most Popular Indonesian Foods – Bakso is a favorite food of Indonesia. In western culinary, bakso is known as meatballs. Bakso is a delicious food made of meat. This food is very famous in Indonesia so that you can find it anywhere. Any food has a different history.


Delicious bakso from Indonesia

While bakso is well known among Indonesian, but the food didn’t originate from Indonesia. The food is the result of Indonesian and Chinese acculturation. The term “bakso” is derived from the Hokkien language that means minced pork. But in its development, bakso was not just made from pork, but also from beef, chicken, fish, and other meats. Making bakso is not too difficult. The difficult part is how to make dough that is not too soft or solid. Another challenging part is when we form meat balls using both hands. Grind meat until soft and mix it with tapioca flour. Once the dough is made, the next step is to mold it by hand. After meat balls are made, boil them until cooked and solid. For serving, bakso is usually mixed with bean sprouts, noodles, celery, tofu, eggs, and chicken or beef broth.

Bakso variations are so diverse. If you visit Indonesia you will know that each region has a distinctive flavor of bakso. You can find bakso stalls easily in the Country. Bakso is sold at different prices, but usually around $ 1 to $ 2. If you like bakso, you can get around from one area to another to taste different bakso. Although the food comes in so many variations, you’ll often find vein bakso, fish bakso, eggs bakso, etc. The names are in accordance with added ingredients or the size of meat balls. The way bakso served is different between Indonesia and Western people. Western people usually mix meat balls with spaghetti or soupy meals. In Indonesia, meatballs are commonly eaten with broth. To enhance flavors, it’s usually added with soy and sauce.

bakso 2

There is much controversy when bakso was growing popularity. Several years ago Indonesian people were so shocked by the news stating that basko is made from rat meat. Indonesian people were under conditions where they were very afraid of eating meatballs. But now things have changed. The news has completely been forgotten, people show their loves again to one of the most favorite Indonesian foods. The Europeans called bakso as gehaktball. It is usually served with vegetables and potatoes. In Italy, bakso is called polpette. It is usually eaten with pasta and soup. A different term is used in Finland where people in the country call bakso as lihapullat. It’s often mixed with sauces and puree.

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