Best Additional Spices for Seasoning Foods and Drinks

Best Additional Spices for Seasoning Foods and Drinks  РCooking would not be complete without seasoning. Some people like light seasoning, while others really love spices. This time we will inform you some proper spices to make your dishes tasty. The first additional seasoning is black pepper, this would have been familiar to you. This additional spice has long been used by people for seasoning. You can find it in the kitchen, restaurants, and everywhere. This spice could make your cooking savory and spicy. This is also good to raise flavors. Cinnamon is additional spice that can also complement dishes. This spice tastes sweet, but you can add it to various dishes. Not only drinks, but food will be more delicious with cinnamon.

Best Additional Spices for Seasoning

Looking for another versatile spice? We have cumin on the list. The flavors created when the spice sprinkled into the cooking is quite unique. Although it can be added to almost any food, but this additional spice is great for Indian recipes. Cumin is not only has a distinctive flavor, but also has attractive appearance. This will make the cooking more colorful and tempting to taste. There’s also coriander which we consider as one of the most special additional spices. If you ever taste citrus, this spice tastes similar to it. If you love to cook smokey dishes, this spice is nice to add.

Other additional spices

Cloves are also a good option for its versatility. We can easily find these spices in tropical areas. Cloves are not only good for making tasty dishes, but also healthy for consumption. Cloves are a natural ingredient for treating various diseases. Taste and benefits come into one? we think this is how a “great” spice should be. A little amount of cloves is enough for seasoning. If you put too much of it, you cooking can turn into spicy that you will not even try. The last spice on our list is Cayenne Pepper. This spice could make your body heat because it’s extra hot. If you like spicy dishes, you should not miss this additional spice.

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