Best Anti-Aging Foods to Stay Young

Best Anti-Aging Foods to Stay Young – Food is an important part of our body’s health. With food, we can be healthy and strong. On the other hand, food can also make us sick. Food has many benefits, one of which is to fight premature aging. The following are some of the best anti aging foods. Blueberries are delicious and also contain many properties. This fruit contains vitamin C, E and antioxidants which work to fight free radicals. In 1999, it was carried out a study at Tufts University. In the study, rats were included and fed blueberries. From here, it was found that rats fed blueberries had better coordination as they aged. Another study was conducted at the University of Michigan with rats as the object. 90 days after those rats fed blueberries, they had a better sensitivity to insulin.

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Olive oil is also one of the best anti-aging foods. Olive oil is useful for maintaining heart health and fighting cancer because it contains antioxidants. Not only that, olive oil is also able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Green tea is inevitably a healthy drink that has many beneficial substances. Green tea is good for weight loss, maintains healthy skin and slows the aging process. There are many reasons why green tea belongs to one of the best anti-aging foods. It contains vitamin C, E, lutein, and catechins. Some studies indicate that green tea can prevent cancer and keep your heart healthy. Catechins, a type of antioxidant in green tea, can reduce stress by up to 20 hours.

Red wine is also one of the best anti-aging foods. The most important element in delaying premature aging is antioxidants. Research shows that red wine contains some antioxidants. Resveratrol is antioxidant that works to combat the problems associated with aging. You can also consume red ginseng because the food has immune-modulating properties. If you eat it regularly, wrinkles will slowly disappear and collagen production will increase. If the collagen production is increased, the skin becomes more elastic and looks more youthful.

That was some of the best anti-aging foods. You can include them in your daily diet.

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