Best Restaurants to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Best Restaurants to Celebrate Valentine’s Day  – If you want to spend Valentine’s Day with your lover at a restaurant, there are some cool restaurants serving a romantic dinner for both of you. The following restaurants are located in the United States, so you can come directly if staying in the country. The first is Waterbar in San Francisco, California. This is one of the best restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it has a unique and romantic view. Dinner at the restaurant, you can see the beautiful bay and the staggering skyline. The restaurant provides special menus for Valentine’s Day, spoiling anyone who visits here.

Best Restaurants to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Been to Tennessee, you will find a very nice restaurant to celebrate Valentine. You will meet with the chef Kelly, and he will make the best menus for this special moment. Certainly not only the menus which become the main attraction of this restaurant, but the elegant and vintage design appeals to any couple who wants to spend Valentine with a romantic dinner.

Miami has many spectacular beaches, but it is also a home to many great restaurants. One of the best restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day is Azul. If you like the flavors of Latin American cuisine, combined with typical Asian flavor, then this is the place to be. While eating, you can see the charm of the Biscayne Bay. This will undoubtedly be an unforgettable moment for you and him/her. The dishes are nice, and the decor is also admirable. The use of marble makes it even more elegant, just like what every couple wants to see.

If you’re in Nevada on Valentine’s Day, we suggest you to go to the Picasso restaurant which is located in Las Vegas. People love this restaurant because it is really exclusive and sophisticated. Being here for one night will leave a deep impression for you and your lover. No wonder if Picasso has been named as one of the best restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Dining will feel more fun because there is the Fountains of Bellagio in the vicinity. You will get a great experience coming to this restaurant. And the chef is also experienced and can serve the best Spanish cuisine for you.

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