Delicious Foods and Drinks Made of Tomatoes

Delicious Foods and Drinks Made of Tomatoes – Tomatoes are often mistaken as a vegetable, they are the fruit. No matter what category they belong to, tomatoes contain many important vitamins and minerals. While tomatoes are good for your health, they are also delicious and can be processed into a wide variety of foods and drinks.

Some of the most important contents in tomatoes are vitamins A, B complex, C, magnesium, potassium, and lycopene. Vitamin A and C are antioxidants, and these substances needed by the body to counteract free radicals. Another benefit of antioxidants is to prevent the cells from being damaged. Lycopene also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy heart and keeping cholesterol levels in the blood. In this occasion, we will share some healthy dishes and drinks made of tomatoes.

Drinks made of tomatoes

Delicious Foods and Drinks Made of Tomatoes

tomato juice

Tomato juice is easy to make and you need to prepare nothing but tomatoes and a blender. Sure, you can add other ingredients if you want to improve the taste. Milk, sugar, chocolate, and ice cubes can be mixed with tomatoes to make smoothies. But if you want a healthier option, tomatoes and sugar are enough. Blend tomatoes and sugar until smooth then drink it immediately. To increase the usefulness, combine fruit such as orange, grapefruit, strawberries, apples, and others. What you need to consider when making tomato juice is the nutritional content. The average fruits contain vitamins and minerals, so it’s fine to include other fruits to make tomato juice. You can make tomato juice whenever you want, like for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Drinks made from tomatoes will help to boost your energy for the workday.

Foods made of tomatoes

Delicious Foods and Drinks Made of Tomatoes 2

tomato sauce

Another healthy food made from tomatoes is tomato sauce. People are very fond of this food. Chefs are using tomato sauce for a variety of dishes that they make. You can make it into a paste, but add other nutrients to make it a healthful food. Grilled chicken, vegetables, and scallops will be more delicious with tomato sauce on it. Tomato sauce is a delicious and healthy way to spice up your cooking. Some tomato sauce recipes are pretty hard to make so you must read a cookbook before making them. To make a simple tomato sauce, just crush some tomatoes until smooth, then stir-fried with olive oil, salt, garlic, pepper, salt, and basil. You can add other ingredients though.

You may really like Salsa, and many of us do as well. It is a very tempting cuisine. You can serve salsa with vegetables to make it more palatable. Making it yourself is better so you can be sure that the food is full of healthy ingredients and preservatives-free. Chop tomatoes, parsley, onion, garlic, cilantro, and lemon juice. Combine all ingredients and wait for an hour and you can eat the delicious food made of tomatoes.

Those were a variety of delicious foods and drinks made of tomatoes.

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