Different Types of Canned Tomatoes

Different Types of Canned Tomatoes – If you always cook with tomatoes, you may often buy canned tomatoes. But did you know if there are many types of canned tomatoes? They all bring different flavors and textures. So if you want to cook certain dishes, one brand may be better than others. The good thing about canned tomatoes is they have a delicious flavor and fresh compared to the off-season tomatoes. But what makes it so hard is that there are many types of canned tomatoes to choose from. Each product brings a different flavor. The first type is diced tomatoes. They generally contain a firming agent that makes the chunks more solid. They are best used when you want a chunky texture in your cooking. You can also use them for rustic tomato sauces or soups. Canned diced tomatoes have a crunchy texture so that you will enjoy your dishes more. Some diced tomato products are packed with their juice. It makes the tomatoes taste fresh when removed from the cans.

Types of Canned Tomatoes

crushed tomatoes

Another type of canned tomatoes that you need to know is crushed tomatoes. This type of tomatoes is made from whole tomatoes. Tomatoes are finely ground and then mixed with tomato puree. This way they won’t be too mushy and you can still feel the crisp. You should use crushed tomatoes for smoother sauces. They have a bold flavor, so you don’t need to put fresh tomatoes into your dishes. You can cook crushed tomatoes quickly and serve it with your favorite menu. You’d better watch out for each brand brings a different texture. Some products have very soft textures, while others are still with crunchiness. After all, it needs to be suited to the dish that you will make. Some crushed tomatoes are as thick as puree, while others are a little juicy. There are so many brands on the market. We just couldn’t mention them one by one. Even if you can’t find this type of canned tomatoes in the supermarket, you can grind diced tomatoes to get a smoother texture.

Types of Canned Tomatoes 2

Tomato puree

Tomato puree is another type of canned tomatoes that we really like. They are basically made of cooked tomatoes. But before going to those processes, the cooked tomatoes are cleaned first from their seeds and skins. What you get is clean and delicious tomatoes. We can’t replace fresh tomatoes with tomato puree. But tomato puree is very suitable for frying and making creamy and thick sauces. Tell us that you like tomato paste because we like it too. Tomato paste is made from tomato puree. The puree is cooked long enough until all of its moisture disappears. It has a delicious and deep flavor with tempting colors.

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