Does Freeze-dried Food Affect Your Health?

Does Freeze-dried Food Affect Your Health? – You must have heard of space missions where astronauts carry freeze-dried food to eat. This type of food will not be stale and lasts in considerable period of time. In fact, freeze-dried foods are not as healthy as normal foods that we eat every day. That’s because during the making process, some nutrients are lost. This technique has been around since 1250 BC. Peruvian Incas were the first to use this technique.

freeze-dried food

The method was still used until world war two in which machines for freeze drying foods were created. Currently, all foods can be preserved using this technique. But it was coffee that was first preserved using this method. The need for freeze-dried food has been increasing, especially for space travel. This technique was still used until the Apollo missions. Along with the development of technology, food preservation becomes more efficient. NASA found a new way to preserve ice cream through freeze-drying.

The effects of freeze-dried food

There are several steps to freeze dry food. Firstly, food will be frozen and then the water content will be removed. A vacuum pump is used to suck up the water. The last stage, ice crystals are removed using heat. After going through all these stages, the food still maintains 98 percent of its nutrients. But it amazingly weighs only one-fifth of the initial weight. That means the weight is reduced by 80 percent. However, a research shows that some foods can’t maintain their nutrients after going through the stages. Blueberries were said to be affected by freeze-drying technique.

Research about freeze-dried food

You may still be wondering, is freeze-dried food safe? Well, another study shows that the antioxidants of fruit don’t change after a freeze-drying process. According to the same study, the content of ascorbic acid and polyphenols in freeze-dried food is relatively lower than the original version. Various researches were conducted related to the impact of freeze-dried food on health.

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Nothing is so substantial that makes us afraid to consume the food. On the other hand, this type of food is not for everybody. If you still can get complete nutrition from natural food, then why you would go with the freeze dried version. The study also revealed that black raspberry powder that was given a similar treatment could be used to treat ulcerative colitis. As with strawberry, the food could actually increase the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Natural foods are generally better than processed foods. You can eat the food though, only limit the portion size.

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