Easy Ways to Cook Eggs for Dinner

Easy Ways to Cook Eggs for Dinner – Eggs are probably one of the easiest foods to cook. We can easily serve eggs in a variety of menus. You may feel bored with just fry or boil them, but there are many ways to cook eggs into tempting dishes. Here are some easy ways to cook eggs for dinner.

Easy Ways to Cook Eggs for Dinner

The first menu is called roasted frittata. It’s easy to make this delicious food. You just need to prepare large eggs, manchego cheese, olive oil, onion, bell peppers, salt, fresh basil, green onion. The ingredients are all easy to find in the grocery store. To make this delicious dish, first you have to heat olive oil in the oven. Next you add peppers and onion. As long as you cook it, stir the mixture slowly until caramelized. Take a medium bowl, put 3 eggs into it and whisk. Add salt and pepper and continue to stir until they’re blended with the eggs. Next you have to still the mixture into the skillet. You can sprinkle manchego on it so that the dish tastes more delicious. Bake it and wait about 20 minutes and you can take it out. You can serve it using a rack. To make the food look more attractive, you can add sliced ??scallions.

Another easy way to cook eggs for dinner is easy garlic aioli. This dish is even simpler than before since you just need to prepare some ingredients. To make this savory egg dish, you need to prepare mayonnaise, garlic, lemon juice, and salt. You can start by mixing garlic, lemon juice, and mayonnaise. To make it easier to stir the mix, use a small bowl. Next spread a little pepper and salt and beat until evenly mixed. You don’t need to cook it right away, just wrap it in plastic and put in the refrigerator. You can fry the mix if you want to serve it.

Easy Ways to Cook Eggs for Dinner 2

Easy Ways to Cook Eggs for Dinner

Everyone loves pies. The next easy way to cook eggs for dinner is associated with pie. This menu is called Spaghetti Carbonara Pie. Some ingredients that are needed include cheese, ground pepper, ricotta, Parmspaghetti, bacon, onion, salt, eggs, frozen peas, and lemon wedges. First, you need to preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Meanwhile, cook bacoon in a skillet until tender. It usually takes about 8 minutes. You have to drain the bacon before chopping it. Cook bacoon in a skillet, then add a little salt and stir until smooth. Next you need to move the onions into a bowl. Enter the other ingredients such as cheese, eggs, and bacoon into it. You can also add pepper to improve the taste. After all ingredients are completely mixed, transfer the dish to a large plate and serve it to your family.

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