Fatal Cooking Mistakes You Should Avoid

Fatal cooking mistakes you should avoid – Cooking is a fun activity. There is something exhilarating when we successfully practiced recipes listed in the cookbook. That is why more and more people choose to cook at home. The reason is not merely because it is fun, but it’s also efficient. If you used to doing this activity, you will not find many problems. But if you are a beginner, you may frequently make cooking mistakes.

One of the most fatal cooking mistakes is wrong in reading recipes. You might have read a recipe showing on TV and then tried to memorize it because not enough time to write it down. If the recipe is simple, it will not be a big problem. But if the recipe uses a lot of ingredients, chances are you will forget one or two of the ingredients. Forgetting two ingredients is enough to affect flavors. Rather than rush, you should find detailed information about the recipe before trying to cook it.

cooking mistakes

cooking mistakes: measuring ingredients

A common cooking mistake is wrong in measuring. This makes sense especially if you are not used to cooking or measure ingredients without the help of tools. You can’t measure wet ingredients and dry ingredients with your hands or glass. You must use valid measurement tools because it can affect the flavor of dishes. This tip is not only important for complicated dishes, but even simple dishes can change the taste if you fail in measuring ingredients. Another cooking mistake is wrong in counting eggs. Eggs come in various sizes, ranging from very small to the size of an adult fist. If the recipe requires only one or two eggs, this may not be a problem. However, if you use more than 10 eggs, you will feel the difference. In addition to using the number of eggs as a measure, the most appropriate one is by using metric measurement tools.

cooking mistakes: substituting ingredients

Of all cooking mistakes often made??, replacing ingredients is the most fatal one. Butter and margarine may have many similarities. But for some recipes, they can’t be exchanged. Similarly with other recipes, all of them already have their own ingredients. Changing ingredients will cause changes in taste and texture. Therefore you should be more careful in this matter.

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