Healthier Alternatives to Salty Foods

Healthier Alternatives to Salty Foods – Anybody who’s having a diet program must experience cravings. It is a natural reaction in which the body really wants to eat, but you with your common sense try to prevent it. Salty foods can be found in supermarkets or grocery stores. Food tastes tasteless if no salt added. Salt intake is important to prevent mumps or others. However, consuming too much salt is not good for health.

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There are many healthier options to replace salty foods. It doesn’t mean you should avoid salty foods, but you have to reduce the amount of consumption. It’s definitely difficult to deal with salt cravings. Instead of succumbing to it, you’d better eat the following foods. Popcorn is everyone’s favorite food, and it feels like we can find it everywhere we go. Air-popped popcorn can be a substitute for salty foods. Not only because it is healthier, but also no less tasty. People usually make popcorn with a great amount of butter. Butter contains trans-fats that can be dangerous to the body when consumed in excess. Air-popped popcorn is also rich in fiber and fully a whole grain. You should make your own popcorn to control its sodium content. To create healthy popcorn, sprinkle herbs and add a little olive oil when you cook it. Herbs can provide many health benefits, and they can also improve taste.

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You can also replace salty foods with pita chips. Making chips is easy as you just need to mist them with olive oil. To make them crispy, you can toast them at temperatures above 350 degrees F. They are perfect eaten with a cup of tea or coffee. If you want to enrich the flavor, garlic is a great complement. Crush garlic and mix with olive oil. You can rub the oil on the chips before cooking. Vegetables are a food that many people avoid for boring flavors. But you know well that vegetables have a bunch of benefits. Vegetables usually taste plain. However, if you add enough spice when cooking, vegetables can be very delicious. They can be a nice substitute to salty foods. You can make chips out of vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, also low-calorie so it can be consumed in large amounts. Carrots have a strong texture, making it suitable for chips. Slice carrots into small pieces and fry in hot oil.

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You may not realize that bread crumbs can also be a substitute for salty foods. Bread crumbs can make any food tastes crunchy. While this food usually tastes plain, you can mix the Parmesan cheese with it. Cheese is salty but it is good for health. Yogurt can also be a supplementary ingredient for bread crumbs.

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