How to Recognize Junk Food from the Nutrition Label

How to Recognize Junk Food from the Nutrition Label – Junk food is around us and you may consume every day. You already know the negative effects of this food for the body. But there are some foods that you might not be aware of belong to this category or not. The first thing you can do to recognize junk food is to read the nutrition label. In every package of a product, you can see what ingredients are used to make the product. If you see a lot of bad food ingredients listed on the label, the food can be classified as junk food.

to recognize junk food

Then you can pay attention to how many calories per serving. On the label, there is specific information on how many calories come from fat. If you see a big number, then the food is not good. You should not consume more than 65 grams a day. The next tip to recognize junk food by knowing what kind of fat contained in the product. You can also see this on the nutrition label. Trans-fat isn’t good for health. If a product high in saturated fat, you should avoid it. As a solution, foods containing unsaturated fat are much better.

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To recognize junk food, you can see the content of cholesterol and sodium in the product. We should not consume over 2,400 mg of sodium per day. As for cholesterol, you can consume a maximum of 300 mg a day. Some products use healthy ingredients that have a positive impact on health. To recognize junk food, you can see the beneficial contents of the food product. If the product is lack of vitamins and fiber, we can classify it as junk food. In contrast, healthy foods usually contain more nutrients than fat and cholesterol. But healthy foods don’t have to contain excessive nutrients. There are some nutrients that should be kept low so that everything is balanced. Sugar is needed by the body, but the amount can’t be too much. Most junk foods are high in sugar and you can see it on the labels. High sugar content is normally found on many beverage products, such as corn syrup, maple syrup, et


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