Is it Okay to Eat Big Meals at Night?

Is it okay to eat big meals at night? – We often hear that it is better to consume foods before 6 in the afternoon. But is it fine to eat after that hour? The simplest reason is that we are getting ready for bed so that your metabolism will slow down. When you eat in the morning or afternoon, there’s still enough time to burn off the incoming calories. If you consume more calories too late, which is close to bedtime, most of the calories will be stored as fat. This is one reason why we are not advised to eat at night.

to eat big meals at night

For some reason, it’s okay to eat big meals at night. The first is related to natural instinct. Ancient people spent the day hunting and gathering food. In the afternoon they ate anything that had been collected. Along with the human evolution, activities like hunting or tracking are no longer done. The result is that most people don’t do extreme activities during the day. If this is the reason why you are not advised to eat big meals at night, then you should do sufficient activities to burn off all the calories you consume. You can consume food at night as long as no fats included. Choose healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

healthy big meals at night

Another reason why it’s fine to eat big meals at night is to recover your body. If you usually workout in the afternoon, then you need to consume enough food so that your stamina is back. We don’t recommend you to eat the same portion as lunch. Cut half of it and avoid foods high in carbohydrates and fats. Foods such as potatoes, yams, and the rice should be avoided for late snacks. You should replace these foods with fruits and vegetables. Both foods have positive effects on the body and don’t cause obesity. During workout, glycogen will be depleted and you need food intake to restore your energy. The third reason why it’s okay to eat big meals at night is if you didn’t eat enough food during the day. If you eat less meal than usual, you may feel hungry at night. Instead of waiting until the next day to eat, you should immediately fill up your stomach with healthy foods.

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