Making Banana Bread with Different Sensations

Making Banana Bread with Different Sensations – If you have a lot of overripe bananas in the fridge, then you can make bread with them. Making banana cakes may be common, but banana bread is less common. It is mainly due to the complexity of the baking process. We will teach you to make banana bread with different sensations. The main ingredient for making bread is whole-grain flour. To provide a sweet taste, we usually add sugar. But bread is not supposed to be sweet though. We usually eat bread with plain flavors. While bananas are not too common for making bread, they are actually a good addition. This way you don’t need to add sugar because bananas are naturally sweet. What matters is the way to bake it since the outcome can be different if you are wrong in baking.

healthy banana bread

healthy banana bread

If you use chopped bananas, then you still can get the chunks and it’s nice to bite. You can also add walnuts and cinnamon to make banana bread with different sensations. Here we give you some good tips. The first one is reduce the sugar. This is very important because bread isn’t necessarily sweet. You can replace sugar with more natural alternatives. 3 bananas are enough to give a sweet taste to the bread. Just taste it before baking to ensure that the bread is quite tasty. Another tip to make banana bread with different sensations is to use whole-wheat flour. There are different types of flour often used to make bread. To make healthy bread, whole-wheat flour is a good substitute. In terms of flavor, you will not find too much difference. Only with whole-wheat flour, the bread will be healthier. The flour is rich in fiber which is good for your digestion.

healthy banana bread 2

easy banana bread

The flour contains other substances like potassium, zinc, and magnesium which are beneficial for the body. Next you can add fruit and nuts into the dough. Bananas are not the only healthy fruit you can eat. Nearly all fruits have a positive impact on health. We encourage you to try blueberries because they blend well with the taste of bananas. Nuts, on the other hand are also an important source of nutrients for the body. You can add any kinds of nuts into the dough. However, you have to choose nuts that suit the taste bread. Nuts add extra texture to the bread so that you will enjoy it more. Another tip to make banana bread with different sensations is to use a little butter. You can replace that ingredient with buttermilk. You can completely replace butter with the combination of buttermilk and canola oil.

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