Must Try Tasty Vietnamese Foods

Must Try Tasty Vietnamese Foods – If you want to visit Vietnam, don’t forget to try the traditional foods. As Thai foods, you can find a lot of typical foods in the country. The first is com or boiled rice. This tasty Vietnamese food is a staple food in the country. Most countries in Asia are known for incorporating rice as a main meal. Com is eaten with many typical side dishes. Here’s also known Mon kho, a tasty Vietnamese food consisting of fish, shrimp, pork, vegetables, pickles, and more. Another food made of rice is Mon canh, it consists of fish, meat, ribs, etc. Vietnamese like to eat at roadside stalls. Therefore, if you visit the country, don’t be surprised if you find many food stalls lining up neatly along the roads. It gives a different sensation though. And most importantly, Vietnamese foods are generally cheap. You can eat your heart’s content, but it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Vietnamese food Banh Chung
Banh Chung

Vietnamese food: Banh Chung

Another tasty Vietnamese food that you can try is Banh Chung. It is a traditional food which is so favored by local people. The food is commonly consumed with rice. To make this dish, you need to prepare pork, rice, and green beans. All ingredients are mixed, wrapped in a bamboo and cooked. The unique cooking process will create a different taste to the rice. To make this food, you need to stick rice together. It is quite a complicated task, especially for those who have never done it before. Because rice is always available throughout the year, you can enjoy the food at any time while in Vietnam.

Another tasty Vietnamese food is Gio Lua. People in the north and south have different terms for the food. However, Vietnamese are very fond of this savory food. One interesting fact about Vietnamese food is the use of pork is very popular. You can find a lot of traditional foods, but you’ll notice that pork is one of the ingredients. Pork meat is tasty and fatty, that’s what makes them seem so fond of this meat. Gio Lua is made of pork wrapped in banana leaves. This kind of cooking is not only popular in Vietnam, but also in other countries throughout Asia.

Vietnamese food Pho

Vietnamese food: Pho

If you want to buy noodles at a food stall in Vietnam, say “Pho”. Yes, that was how the local people call noodles. Do you like to eat noodles? Vietnamese are, too. They usually serve it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course it tastes and smells differently with noodles you eat every day. Japanese has ramen with its own unique flavor, so does Vietnam. There are many variations of Pho you can enjoy, such as Pho with beef or people call it as Pho Bo.

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