Ramadhan Shake – Drink Recipe

Ramadhan Shake – Drink Recipe

Ramadhan shake - Drink RecipeThe day of the holy month of Ramadan that we can enjoy breaking of the fast with a , one that you can try the following recipe.

-5 of dates
-Half pear
-700 ml of cold coconut water
-2-3 lbr coconut meat
-Add 2 scoop Nutrishake/ syirup
-Cinnamon powder to taste (for topping)

How to serve:
-Combine all ingredients in a blender
-Serve in glasses of cocktails

For three servings

Ingredients can be replaced. Pear fruit can be substituted with banana, mango, or strawberry. For the liquid, coconut milk or soy milk can be substituted liquid milk non-fat/low-fat.

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