Read These Important Facts about Yogurt

Read These Important Facts about Yogurt – Yogurt is a delicious food that has a slightly sour taste. There are many important facts you should know about yogurt. The first is yogurt contains good bacteria to maintain digestive health. The bacteria is known as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Unlike other harmful bacteria, these bacteria have passed the FDA clinical trials. You can eat yogurt every day to launch a better digestion and avoid constipation. Having a delicious taste, yogurt can be mixed with a variety of foods. You can make yogurt for smoothies, cakes, or other dishes. You can even apply yogurt to the skin because it can take care of your skin beauty.

important facts about yogurt

important facts about yogurt: active starter cultures

The next important fact about yogurt is that it contains active starter cultures. Each manufacturer treats yogurt in a different way. Some of them treat with heating yogurt after fermentation. This means the good bacteria contained in yogurt would disappear. Considering that yogurt get its health benefits mostly from the containing bacteria, it means that the benefits would be neutralized if the yogurt is heat-treated. You should pay attention to the label before consuming yogurt. If there is a notification like “active yogurt cultures” or the like, that means the yogurt still contains good bacteria that we need.

Another important fact about yogurt is the food can be consumed by those with lactose intolerance. Dairy products usually contain lactose that not everyone can take it. In some cases, people who have problems with lactose intolerance can still eat yogurt because the live active cultures convert the lactose into glucose. This along with galactose is two types of sugars that are more easily digested by the body. Have you ever heard of frozen yogurt? You should know that frozen yogurt is not approved by the FDA. This means that your cone could contain whole yogurt or ice cream-yogurt mix. When it comes to benefits, of course, pure frozen yogurt is better than the ones mixed with ice cream. You have to be careful in choosing this yogurt product. This is just to ensure that you get the most benefits.

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important facts about yogurt: sugar content

Another important fact about yogurt is itcan contain a lot of fat just like other dairy products. We know that yogurt is a healthy food. But that does not mean yogurt is fat-free. Before you eat a yogurt product, check the nutrition label to see how much the fat content in it. It seems contradictory to consume high-fat yogurt. On one hand, you want to lose weight with yogurt. But the high fat content in yogurt can mess up your diet. You also need to know that manufacturers often add sugar to their yogurt products to enhance the taste. Too much sugar will have a negative impact on health.

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