Some Restaurants Offering Buffets in Japan

Some Restaurants Offering Buffets in Japan  – You might like buffets because they are cheap. Cheap is not in the sense that you pay less for the food you eat, but you can eat as much by paying a certain amount of money. This system can be found everywhere, and this interests anyone. Now we go to Japan because there are many restaurants offering buffet there. These restaurants are perfect for those who just can’t get enough of sushi, sashimi or other typical Japanese foods. You can choose any food you want, such as katsu, udon, tempura, and many more. The main purpose of people coming to restaurants offering buffets is to eat until they can’t eat anymore. Although they probably don’t serve the best foodstuff, but you can select all the dishes and this is very enjoyable.

Japan buffet Restaurants

3 Popular Restaurants Offering Buffets in Japan

Chiso Zanmai provides buffets with relatively inexpensive prices, ranging from $ 14.00. If you are a seafood lover, please come here to enjoy all the seafood dishes. That’s actually more than that. There are hundreds of different dishes available here, such as okonomiyaki and sashimi. What makes this restaurant even more special is that everything is neatly compiled. There is a particular section for sashimi, sushi, hot and cold dishes. This restaurant has many special menus not to be missed, so come here and enjoy the food galore.

Another restaurant offering buffets in Japan is Kuishin Bo. Thanks to its popularity, this restaurant has several branches in the Country right now. Like the previous restaurant, the dishes on Kuishin Bo are split into several categories, including sashimi, sushi, and tempura. The main menu in this restaurant is sashimi. You can find this typical Japanese food with a variety of fish, such as tuna and salmon. You could also try Gindara in case you’ve never tried this before. For all these special menus, you just need to spend $ 45.90.

Another restaurant offering buffets in Japan is En Japanese Dining Bar. An intimate atmosphere is really felt when you enter the restaurant. There are about 6 tables and tatami rooms in it. You can find some 50 dishes on the menu list. This number is less than the previous restaurant, but not even half of the dishes are going to make you satisfied. If this is your first visit to restaurants offering buffets in Japan, you will be enjoying it.

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