Tasty Hot Chips to Eat in Your Spare Time

Tasty Hot Chips to Eat in Your Spare Time – We will provide information on some hot chips that can be enjoyed anytime. You can eat these snacks alone or with other meals. Alexia Onion Strips is a hot chip that has a shape like waffles, so it has crunchy textures and good for chewing. There are several versions of the snacks that have been circulating in the market. Another flavor, Aged cheddar doesn’t give us what we want. If you like potatoes, the hot chip tastes like that, with a bit peppers. However, some people find these snacks mediocre, nothing special.

tasty hot chips Alexia Onion Strips Jalapeno

Alexia Onion Strips Jalapeno

Another tasty hot chip that you can try is Alexia Onion Strips Jalapeno. The name is cool and long, but does that also taste good? It’s really onion rings, not mashed potato shaped like onions. When you eat it, you can feel the texture of onions that are crisp and delicious. You can take this as a complement to your daily diet. What makes the hot chip even more special is the addition of jalapeno heat into it. You feel the heat that will keep you addicted. However, the main taste is onion, so you will not feel so much heat like what you can find in other snacks.

more tasty hot chips

tasty hot chips Ass Kickin Corn Chips

Ass Kickin Corn Chips

Have you tried Andy Capp’s Pub Fries? This is much hotter than that. If you like spicy snacks, then this is one of the best options. Eating for the first time will probably leave you with weird feeling. Yes, this hot chip has an unusual flavor. But it will grow on you if you eat it again and again. Another version of this snack, Cheddar Fries, is also very tasty to fill your spare time. If you like Snack Mix, try this one. You will taste some flavors at once because there are a lot of mix in it, such as twisted bread sticks and knotted pretzels. It doesn’t feel too spicy, so not appropriate for those who are very fond of hot chips. Although there are many ingredients in it, we think the flavor tends to melba toast. So we can safely say that this is a melba toast with some snack mix. Ass Kickin ‘Corn Chips can also be tried. The snack may not be too spicy at first. But if you eat more, the heat will hit you.

That was Tasty Hot Chips to Eat in Your Spare Time.

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