Tempting Thai Foods that You Must Try

Tempting Thai Foods that You Must Try – Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. Not only has beautiful scenery, in fact Thailand also has tempting dishes. Like other Asian typical foods, Thai foods have a highly concentrated flavor. If you like spicy foods, then Thailand is the most appropriate place to go. Trying new foods will get you realized that there are actually many delicious foods from around the world.

Tempting Thai Foods Pad Thai
Pad Thai

Tempting Thai Foods: Pad Thai

There are many tempting Thai foods that you must try, the first one is called Pad Thai. This is one of the most popular foods in the country. You can find this food in many restaurants in Thailand. There are many ingredients mixed together to make this delicious food, such as meat, sauce, noodles, rice, and spices. All the ingredients are mixed together and then fried in a large pan. This food is very tasty that you might want to try it again and again.

Another mouthwatering Thai food is mango sticky rice. The food is best as a dessert. It is made from rice sticking together and has a legit texture. Although it looks like sushi, but the food is richer in flavor and contains many ingredients. Thai cuisine is essentially different from the Japanese in terms of flavor. What makes this food even more special is the addition of fresh ??mango slices and coconut milk. Another tempting Thai food is Papaya salad. Salad is our daily diet. But Thai salad is a bit different as it uses papaya rather than cabbage and other vegetables. The food is also very popular among Thai people and it is easy to make. To make the food, you need to prepare palm sugar, sour lime, chili, and fish sauce. To give a crunchy texture to the food, unripened papaya is shredded and sprinkled on the food before serving.

Tempting Thai Foods fresh spring rolls
fresh spring rolls

Tempting Thai Foods: fresh spring rolls

If you want to visit Thailand, don’t forget to try the fresh spring rolls. The food is made of chopped vegetables mixed with herbs and meat or seafood. A rice paper is prepared to wrap the mixture. It gets more delicious with sauce served in a separate bowl. The food is not only delicious, but also healthy because it uses a lot of vegetables. You can also make it at home because all the ingredients are easy to find in the grocery store.

Most Thai foods are not only interesting in terms of taste, but also color. That’s because the spices used are very diverse. Spice is a natural dye that doesn’t cause adverse effects to the health. Panang Curry also a must try menu when you come to Thailand. It tastes like curry that you can find in Malaysia. There are many ingredients that make Panang Curry tasty and thick in flavor, such as lemon grass, cumin, and coriander.

That was some Tempting Thai Foods that You Must Try.

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