The 5th Season of Top Chef Masters Aired Soon!

The 5th Season of Top Chef Masters Aired Soon! – Are you a fan of top chef masters? If so, you must be happy because the fifth season of the program will be aired soon. That means the public interest of the show is still huge. There are 13 chefs competing to be the winner. The best one will get be regarded as “top chef masters“. What’s interesting about this new season is an online competition for all sous chefs. The planned segment will be hosted by Hugh Acheson.

Top Chef Masters

There are many interesting things that make viewers not saturated with this program. It’s getting more interesting because each episode directly affects the masters. There are a few rewards for grabs here, such as immunity. Ones who lose battle will get disadvantages. Those with the worst performance will get a challenge from the masters. You probably already know that each episode of top chef masters and the “battle of the sous chefs” are all connected. One main point of this show is to see the cooperation between the master chefs and sous chefs. If you are a fan of Curtis Stone, he also will be on the show. Other names that might get you excited are James Oseland, Francis Lam, plus another new judge. Who is the new judge? It will not be a surprise if we tell you here. So, do not miss the fifth season of top chef masters because there are a lot of surprises on the show.

Just like the previous seasons, this new season involve many difficult challenges. All the dishes they make will be judged by top celebrities, such as Ali Larter, Lindsay Pricek, Busy Philipps, and much more. While there are a bunch of similar programs on television, we have to appreciate that it has distributed more than 1 million dollars. Well, the charity continues until this new season. And now the total money they’ve contributed is 1.25 million dollars. In terms of popularity and audience reach, this show is not too bad. The last season averaged 1 million viewers. We do not know whether the new season of top chef masters will surpass that mark.

top chef masters 2

The producer plays a major role in the success of this show. Do you know the front man behind the screen? They are Magical Elves and Dan Cutforth. A program would not be successful without sponsors supporting with some funds. With regard to this, top chef masters work with Chase Sapphire Preferred. There are many exciting rewards earned by the winner. One that seems so interesting is an Interactive Map showing restaurants by top chef masters winners. You can find a specific restaurant by menu, location, chef, and so on.

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