The Best Foods to Promote Hair Growth

The Best Foods to Promote Hair Growth – If you still choose hair care products to promote hair growth, better put them aside and replace with natural methods. Food is an important element in our lives. Without health products, we will remain healthy by eating healthy foods. But many healthy foods are considered boring and unappealing. This encourages many of us to seek instant solutions, for example hair growth products.

best foods for growing hair

There are no restrictions for you to try out certain products for growing hair, but you should pay attention to what ingredients are used to make the products. Many hair care products work effectively, but it turned out to be harmful to health. This time we will share information about the best foods to promote hair growth. Some foods have remarkable properties to maintain healthy hair. Protein is necessary to flourish hair. If you don’t consume enough of this substance, hair growth will be blocked and you can go bald. Another problem that may arise is hair strands will be fragile, so hair loss would happen.

best foods for growing hair

There are some foods to promote hair growth, the first is red meat. You may already know that iron affects hair growth. Lack of iron can lead to hair loss in some people. Iron is not only useful to keep hair healthy, but it is also needed by other organs. All kinds of meat are rich in protein. Unless you are a vegetarian, then you must eat meat every day. Eggs, poultry, beef, pork, they are just a few examples of foods that are rich in iron. Other options are dried fruit and dried beans.

Mineral silica can help hair grow thick. Some foods that contain mineral silica include bananas, beer, raisins, and oats. Anyone would want to have healthy and full hair. These foods can be found in grocery stores. You can turn them into other foods such as smoothies, cakes, crackers, or anything else. Take them every day but limit the portion size. If you think vegetables are a healthy food, then do you know that some vegetables play an important role in maintaining healthy hair? Green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are the best foods to promote hair growth. They contain vitamins A and C, which can stimulate the production of sebum to moisturize hair.

Some seafood is also efficacious for maintaining healthy hair, oysters are one example. Oysters are not only delicious cooked into various dishes, but they also keep remarkable properties. This food can stimulate the production of androgens. Androgen deficiency can lead to baldness. Anyone with low androgen levels can experience hair loss and dandruff. Oysters may not be daily meals that people always serve for breakfast and dinner. But eating them once a month is just fine, at least other important sources are also maintained.

best foods for growing hair 2

Sweet potatoes have a savory flavor and crunchy texture. In addition to the delicious taste, sweet potatoes are one of the foods to promote hair growth. The food packed with beta-carotene. When this substance enters the body, it will be transformed into vitamin A which is good for healthy skin and hair. Other foods that have similar nutritional value are carrots, pumpkin, and asparagus.

That was a list of the best foods to promote hair growth.

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