The Best Garnish Ideas to Dress Up Your Dishes

The Best Garnish Ideas to Dress Up Your Dishes – There are many foods that you can use to dress up your dishes. Garnishing is more about look rather than taste, so you should choose garnishes that are visually exciting. Some of the following garnish ideas are not difficult to get. You just need to go to the grocery store and everything is available there. The first garnish idea is butter curls. This garnish not only can make dishes look more beautiful, but also can enhance the flavor. This garnish is suitable for a wide range of foods, from fried rice, baked fish, smoked beef, fried chicken, and everything. All you have to do is run spoon or another tool on the butter surface and then you will get butter curls.

best garnish ideas carrots

best garnish ideas: carrots

Carrot curls are also one of the best garnish ideas. Carrots are a healthy and delicious food, so it could be an appropriate garnish for carrot cakes. Because carrots have bright colors, this garnish is most appropriate for foods that have dark colors to make them appear brighter and colorful. Making carrot curls is not difficult since you only need to provide a knife and carrots. Peel carrots and then slice them up into curls. Slice the carrots like you peel their skin to get the curls. Tomatoes are a delicious food that can complement every dish you make. The way to use tomatoes for dressing is very diverse, such as tomato sauce, tomato juice, and others. It turns out that tomatoes are one of the best garnish ideas. To make a tomato garnish, you just need to peel a tomato and then shape it into a rose. Make tomato roses are not that complicated. You just need to practice diligently in order to make it more smoothly.

best garnish ideas: chocolate curls

When it comes to garnishing, many people prefer looks rather than tastes. That’s why many garnishes appear only as garnishes that are not delicious to eat. If you use chocolate to dress up dishes, it not only makes the dishes look tempting, but it also tastes like dessert. The most important thing in using chocolate as a garnish idea is to avoid serving it on high temperature dishes because the chocolate will melt. But if that’s what you want, go ahead. Chocolate curls are not only perfect for dishes, but also drinks. You can sprinkle grated chocolate on top of cocktail, tropical juice, ice cream, and other beverages.

best garnish ideas chocolate leaves

best garnish ideas: chocolate leaves

Chocolate can be molded into anything with ease. Another best garnish idea is chocolate leaves. You need to prepare leaf-shaped molds, melt the chocolate, and then pour it into the molds. Once they are cold, you can use the chocolate leaves to decorate tart or other cakes. Basically any kind of chocolate melts quickly in high temperatures. Therefore you should not use this garnish for hot dishes.

That was the best garnish ideas to dress up your dishes.

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