The Best Onigiri Restaurants in Japan

The Best Onigiri Restaurants in Japan – Japan is famous for its foods. Many people around the world seem to really like typical Japanese dishes such as sushi, tempura, ramen, udon, and much more. Onigiri is also a popular Japanese food. If you would like to visit Japan and find the best onigiri restaurants there, you can follow our recommendations below:

Top 3 onigiri restaurants in Japan

best onigiri restaurants in Japan

Tamagawa-ya (Jiyugaoka) is an onigiri restaurant located near Jiyugaoka Station. This is one of the best onigiri restaurants in the area. There are many kinds of dishes served here, such as white rice, Thai rice and glutinous rice. While it presents several kinds of rice, you will find many varieties of delicious onigiri at the restaurant. The fillings are also a lot that will satisfy you. You can choose between plum, salmon, Sansai, yamagobo, and much more. Using the best rice, the onigiri have very delicious flavors with soft and gentle textures. You can eat as much as onigiri and you may want to come back tomorrow. With all the delicious menus served, the prices are affordable, ranging from 120 Yen.

Hatchobori Suzuki Kometen is also one of the best onigiri restaurants in Japan. The restaurant is located very close to Hatchobori Station. Seeing it for the first time, you may be confused to consider it as a cafe or restaurant. But it doesn’t matter because the main focus is on the foods offered. They run a rice distribution business, so you will get the best rice for the onigiri. While one of the buildings is functioned for business, another one is a restaurant. You’ll find a tempting array of onigiri. They come with different fillings, such as salmon, ume and okaka, konbu, yakitarako, and many other variations. All onigiri are made with the best rice so they taste soft and airy. The menus are sold at a variety of prices, ranging from 170 yen.

best onigiri restaurants in Japan 2

If you want to visit one of the best onigiri restaurants in Japan, please come to Komezen Hirano (Kagurazaka). It has been selling rice for more than 100 years. The restaurant is adjacent to the Ushigome Kitamachi intersection. It’s about 5 minutes away from the intersection. If you are confused to find it, there is a soba shop called Shimahei next to it. The shoba shop is also famous in the area. You could also stop by there to enjoy soba. The onigiri in Kagurazaka use the best rice called Koshihikari Uonuma. While the rice is the most important point of the restaurant, the fillings are pretty much the same with other onigiri restaurants. Here there are umeboshi, tarako, konbu, and okaka. You can enjoy the delights onigiri starting from 147 yen.

That’s the top 3 onigiri restaurants in Japan. Actually there are many other restaurants. You can discover from one prefecture to another to find more.

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