The Most Delicious Cheeses in the World

The Most Delicious Cheeses in the World – There are hundreds to thousands of different cheeses in the world. However, some of these cheeses are the most recognized with the most delicious tastes. We start from Parmesan, this cheese is very tasty and liked by many people. It takes months to make this delicious cheese. This cheese has a hard texture and can last up to 2 years. You can scrape parmesan for pasta dishes, sauces, or for salad topping. You can also use the block of cheese to mix with other foods. Almost all dishes can be mixed with parmesan. Since parmesan is one of the best cheeses in the world, it is also quite expensive. This is a valuable food, so wrap it tightly after you open the package. Leaving it in the open air can affect the flavor and make it stale quickly.

most delicious cheeses parmesan

parmesan cheese

World’s most delicious cheeses

Blue cheese is also one of the most delicious cheeses in the world. This cheese is creamy and pungent. It also has a strong flavor that will melt on the tongue. It belongs to the blue-veined cheeses because it is made by adding Penicillium roqueforti. The mold will create a bluish hue on the entire surface of the cheese. The cheese is best suited for cakes and breads. Keep it in the fridge so that it stays fresh and delicious to eat.

It makes sense if you are already very familiar with Mozzarella because it is also one of the most delicious cheeses in the world. It is often used as a pizza topping because it has a fresh flavor and a soft texture. It has a variety of colors, ranging from pale yellow to white. Another characteristic is the cheese has high water content so it feels creamy when eaten. You can sprinkle the cheese over the salad or on top of the roast. It can also be added to the ziti or lasagna to improve the taste. Mozzarella can’t last long in the open air. Use the cheese right after you remove it from the packaging. Don’t forget to put it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

most delicious cheeses blue cheese

blue cheese

world’s most versatile cheeses

Cream cheese is also one of the most delicious cheeses in the world. As the name suggests, the cheese is creamy and has a mild flavor. Because the texture is soft, it is very easy to melt in the mouth. This type of cheese is not long lasting, one week at most. You can spread it on top of cakes, biscuits, or bread. You can also mix it with side dishes that you eat every day.

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