Things you Should Know about Cooking Garlic

Things you Should Know about Cooking Garlic – Garlic is a spice that has many benefits. Garlic can be used to cure toothache, lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and many more. Garlic is also one of the most important herbs. You may use it for cooking. There are a few things you should know about cooking garlic. The following methods can either help you improve the taste of garlic or improve its health benefits.

cooking garlic tips

cooking garlic tips: choose fresh garlic

The first is you should choose fresh garlic, not bottled garlic. When it comes to flavor, there is not a significant difference between bottled and fresh garlic. But to get the most benefits, you should choose fresh garlic than processed garlic. It contains a compound called allicin. This is the reason why eating garlic is healthy. Research shows that bottled garlic has lost half of its allicin compared to fresh garlic. Therefore you should use the fresh version for cooking, not processed one. Because garlic is an essential spice, you can find it at the grocery store with ease. Another thing you should know about cooking garlic is wait a while after you chop it. When you cut a garlic clove, its cells will be damaged and the enzymes in it will react with oxygen. This reaction produces new compounds that nourish the body, one of which is allicin. Wait about 15 minutes after you chop garlic cloves before you put them into your cooking. That was a perfect time when those beneficial compounds are produced in large amounts.

Another thing you should know about cooking garlic is the way you cut it. Whether you crush, mash, or mince it, all have different benefits. This is also related to the previous reason. The more cells are damaged, the more beneficial compounds are produced. Since crushing result in a smooth texture, then this is the best way to cook garlic. Mincing or mashing is not so much but that doesn’t mean you don’t get health benefits at all. It also depends on your preference. Some people don’t like strong garlic taste so minced garlic is the main option for them. Keep in mind that different methods lead to different tastes. When you crush garlic before cooking, you will get a strong taste that not all people could handle.

cooking garlic tips 2

You should also know that there are some things you can do to get rid of garlic smell. Right after you’ve done cooking garlic, you should wash your hands thoroughly. Wash both hands with parsley. To get rid of that bad odor from your body, drink or wash your hands with milk. Fats in milk can neutralize the garlic smell. You can also use salt, lemon, and baking soda instead.

That was Things you Should Know about Cooking Garlic.

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