Tips for Storing Foods in the Refrigerator

Tips for Storing Foods in the Refrigerator – You have to be careful in storing foods in the refrigerator. Stench is one of the problems that will arise if you are wrong in arranging foods. In addition, foods can also contaminate each other thereby affecting the taste.

Tips for Storing Foods in the Refrigerator

The first tip for storing food in the refrigerator is put all foods in different containers. If you don’t want your spaghetti to taste like onions, or your sandwich to taste chicken curry, don’t put all foods in the same container. Today there are plenty of food storage containers. Some even come with a cover so that food becomes isolated in the container. In this way, the smell of all foods will not be mixed, and all of them will last longer.

Another important tip to for storing foods in the refrigerator is set the temperature below 5 degrees celcius. Fridges are designed to preserve food. And the way a fridge to do so is by keeping the temperature low. Low temperatures also prevent the growth of bacteria so that the foods last longer. The colder the temperature inside the refrigerator, the better the foods preserved. But don’t set it too low because it can change the food flavors. Place each type food in its exact place. A refrigerator is divided into several sections and each one has a different function.

more tips storing foods in the refrigerator

You should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the freezer before storing foods in the refrigerator. This section should be cleaned regularly to remove frost and eliminate foul smell coming from the meat or other foods that you put in there. Baking soda is very effective for cleaning the freezer and set it free from stains. You can’t arbitrarily arrange foods in the refrigerator. The space under the freezer is one of the coldest, making it ideal for storing meat, fish, milk, and other foods that stale quickly. And then, the door of the fridge is the warmest area. Put foods that are not easily decaying here, such as spices, eggs, or drinks. Another thing you need to consider is never put fruit and vegetables close together. Fruit will make the vegetables decay more quickly. Put both foods apart. And finally, you should put all foods in sealed containers. Each type of food has a smell and taste. By putting each food in a container, it will maintain its taste better.

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