Top Chef Restaurants with Top-class Dishes

Top Chef Restaurants with Top-class Dishes – We’ll tell some top Chef Restaurants to visit. First, you can go to the Girl & the Goat in Chicago. You can meet Stephanie Izard in this restaurant. There are a variety of delicious dishes that you can try in this restaurant. Its main menu consists of Southeast Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. So, if you like both types of cuisine, you can come to this restaurant. You can try grilled octopus with savory flavor and soft texture. Another menu is pistachio-lemon vinaigrette, good to increase your appetite. The second venture was open in November, and it also has some specialties. If you love west coast dishes, then this is the right restaurant to go. The menu is diverse, ranging from sandwiches, milk shakes, etc. Here there is also a demo kitchen where you can see closely how the chefs cook and prepare dishes.

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Of all the top chef restaurants, Perilla and Kin Shop is also one of the best in New York City. Harold Dieterle is the one who is responsible to manage the restaurant. He has made several projects, the first is Perilla. The restaurant is famous for its American menu. You can try delicious dishes with global accents. Another project is Dieterle with Thai cuisine as the main menu. A restaurant will be known by the public if it has distinctive specialties. Dieterle is influenced strongly by Italian dishes. Italian cuisine is famous all over the world. If you want to know how savory Italian cuisine is, you can come to this top chef restaurant.

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Another good restaurant on our list is the ink. and ink.sack located in Los Angeles. This restaurant is more emphasis on modern cuisine. Some of the main menus to try include yogurt curds, wood ice cream, and potatoes. You can see how chefs cook so playfully. Various delicacies are presented here and they will satisfy your appetite. If you want to taste Swiss Appenzeller cheese, then you can come to this restaurant. Speaking of top chef restaurants, there are many that can be discussed. Talde in Brooklyn also offers dishes with distinctive flavors. The owner Dale Talde has Filipino heritage, so it serves mostly Asian foods. Asian dishes are usually spicy, using a lot of spices and herbs with strong flavors. If you want to try it, go to this restaurant. The main menu is dumplings with salty pretzel dough. It’s combined with Korean taste like kimchi, making the dish more delicious. He made a couple of projects. The second project is with David Massoni, with a unique layout, such as a pool table, whiskey list, and assorted beverages.

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