Turning Boring Food into a Special Menu

Turning boring food into a special menu – This time we will share you some information about how to turn boring food into a special menu. The first is we will invite you to change cauliflower into steak. Most of us, especially kids don’t like to eat vegetables. Since cauliflower has a crunchy texture, it is to cook it like a steak. Usually moms cook cauliflower by boiling or roasting it. But this time we will tell a slightly different way. First thing first, you have to grill and bake it just like making a baked beef. It will add a crunchy texture of the cauliflower. Cut it into large slices and serve like steaks. For flavor, you can add pepper and salt. It is also good to add brown in it. Roast the cauliflower with a temperature of 350 degrees for until tender.

Turning Boring Food into a Special Menu cauliflower steaks

cauliflower steaks

More tips on turning boring food into a special menu

Next, we will change a boring food into a special menu, which is tilapia. The traditional way to cook tilapia is usually by adding olive oil, broil, and garlic. However, you can create a different taste with different techniques. You can change the taste of the fish to be bold. Some of these ingredients can be mixed with tilapia, coconut milk, mango chunks and chili powder. This will create a stronger taste of the cooking and you will enjoy the different sensation.

Brussel sprouts are basically a delicious vegetable. But this all depends on how they are served. If you try the traditional method, then it would be a bit boring and predictable. We would tell you how to change the boring food into a special menu. Prepare bacon and pancetta because we need these ingredients for making a new dish. Cook these vegetables with meat that you have prepared. Use baby brussels sprouts as they are better and have a crisp texture. Younger vegetables usually are less bitter and more delicious to be cooked into various dishes.

brown rice special

brown rice special

Brown rice may have not a good taste, but it has incredible health benefits. You can still improve the taste with a few simple steps. If water is the main ingredient in cooking brown rice, now we recommend you not to use water. You can cook the brown rice to get a toasty flavor and continue the cooking process in a sauté pan. And then fry the brown rice with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add garlic to enhance the aroma and lastly put the fried grains into the chicken stock.

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