Unusual Foods that are Banned in Many Countries

Unusual Foods that are Banned in Many Countries – Indeed, there are many delicious foods that can be found in our daily lives, but the following are unusual, though not necessarily be disgusting. People just find it taboo to eat the following foods. The first unusual food is shark fins. The consumption of shark meat is still going on until now. People love eating this carnivorous fish for it has many benefits. But many people think that eating shark fins is a form of animal cruelty. It’s not without reasons. It just doesn’t make sense to catch sharks only for their fins. After the fins are cut off, they are released back.

unusual foods Puffer fish

unusual foods: Puffer fish

Have you ever thought that tomatoes were also banned by people? Not the original tomatoes, but tomato ketchup. This practice existed in 1876, and HJ Heinz was the first who cooked tomatoes with sugar and vinegar. The food was finally banned in France. But it also became the forerunner of the growing popularity of the food for preserving. You may already be familiar with puffer fish. It looks so cute seeing the fish puffing up when it feels threatened. But, the Japanese hunt the fish to eat. Puffer fish contain toxins that are very strong. If a chef makes mistakes in cooking the fish, it can be fatal to anybody who eats it. The Japanese penchant for consuming puffer fish makes it a favorite Japanese food. But in some other countries such as Vietnam, the unusual food is banned because it can be dangerous to human beings if not cooked carefully. Many countries set strict rules regarding the consumption of fugu.

Another unusual food that’s now banned is horse meat. Horses have a hard meat so people rarely choose it for cooking. The newest ban comes from the United States. While many of us don’t opt ??for horse meat as a main food, the French and Italians really love the meat for consumption. After those unusual foods, now we will discuss raw milk. Milk is basically healthy. But when it is not fully processed, the bacteria would survive and can be harmful to the body.

unusual foods raw milk

unusual foods: raw milk

Milk must be pasteurized before it is distributed to supermarkets. They who are pro argue that raw milk contains enzymes that are beneficial for the body. However, those enzymes will be destroyed after a pasteurisation process. They also argue that the beneficial microbes are affected by pasteurisation. Although raw milk is banned in many regions, but more and more people suggest drinking it. Another unusual food that is now banned Ortolan, a tiny French songbird species. Because they are banned for making dishes, now people buy the birds illegally.

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