Unusual Places to Hide Snacks

Unusual Places to Hide Snacks – Many of us love snacks. It’s so human because snacking is fun. But you may have problems with weight and should hide your snacks to be far out of reach. If you want to hide your snack somewhere, here are some tips. The first is you can keep them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. You might think that this is not a place for hiding things. But, many of us don’t access the area unless we want to take the vegetables or fruits for making juice. Usually people avoid keeping snacks in that space because it is difficult to access. We even can forget that that we’ve just put some snacks over there. Not only you, but your family members might also have no idea that there are some snacks there. It is important to hide snacks because they generally contain a lot of calories. If whenever you open the fridge and find your favorite snacks, you can’t help but take those snacks to eliminate your cravings.

spots to hide snacks cabinets

spots to hide snacks: cabinets

Although this way for some people is not really effective, you still have to try it. Another good spot to hide snacks is cabinets. This spot also has the same level of attraction as the refrigerator. You may save some foodstuff in the cabinets. But there is space in the cabinets perfect for hiding things. Just enter your snacks deep into the cabinets, you will find it hard to take them out. Putting snacks over there will probably accelerate expiration dates. Therefore, wrap snacks tightly right before putting them into the cabinets. Today there are many sealed appliances sold in the market, you can use them for storing food.

spots to hide snacks: the dishwasher

The dishwasher is also a place to hide snacks. Moms usually use this kitchen appliance regularly. Meanwhile, your husband and kids may never even touch it unless you teach them to wash their own dishes. If you want to hide snacks from your kids, then it is the right location. Another good place to keep snacks is empty boxes. Look around your kitchen and find out if there are empty boxes. Enter your snacks into the boxes and store them somewhere that’s out of your reach.

spots to hide snacks the dishwasher

Did you ever imagine hiding snacks in shampoo bottles? Well, they can also be a solution although it may sound a bit ridiculous. Just take a couple of shampoo bottles and enter your snacks into them. From now on don’t waste your empty shampoo bottles. You can use them to hide snacks. Your kids will not even care when they realize the bottles are not empty. They will just think that it’s liquid shampoo in the bottles.

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