Valentine Cakes for This Special February

Valentine Cakes for This Special February – Valentine is coming close and we are all waiting. Have you had any plans to date with your lover? You don’t have to go to a restaurant to spend the night with her / him. How about staying home and cooking some delicious cakes? We will not tell you some cake recipes this time, just wanted to show tasty-looking cakes we’ve found over the internet. Okay, let’s start this guilty pleasure … Hahaha.

Valentine Cake snicker

Look at that? How yummy that cake is. Valentine cakes don’t have to be in red, you can make them more colorful. Chocolate is a very delicious ingredient to make cakes. Can you guess what ingredients are used to make that Valentine cake? Prepare snickers, and then whipped cream, cheese, and milk. By looking at the picture we believe you can make it your own.

Valentine Cheesecake

We hope you’re not drooling this time because we’re also doing the same while typing this. Hahaha,,, Sorry, but we can’t help it. That Valentine cake just looks tasty. Valentine is pink, and vice versa. White also can complement pink because it’s sacred, like two people who are romantically involved. As seen in the picture, this cake is made of strawberries, cream cheese, and vanilla extract. Everyone can make a cake that looks like that, but it’s not necessarily the same. Just be creative to make it, and most importantly, cook it with your lover.

Valentine Cake chocolate

As the previous Valentine cake, this cake is mostly chocolate. In certain amount, chocolate is good for health. It improves your mood, make you relaxed and happy. To make this delicious cake, you must prepare dark chocolate, butter, heavy cream, and toffe. Chocolate is very versatile to be mixed with various ingredients, such as nuts, vanilla, strawberries, or anything. Oh, cinnamon is also good to mix because it’s sweet, only different from the sweetness of chocolate.

Valentine Cake lollipop

This one is not a Valentine cake, just some lollipop snacks. They look delicious, so still good to celebrate Valentine’s with your lover. Some people like to celebrate this precious moment simply, only him and her with some small snacks around. That’s your right to cook anything for Valentine. You can make many Valentine cakes, snacks, favorite drinks, or more. The most important point is you do it with your lover because this is a special moment for both of you. These candy-like snacks can also be given to people closest to you. To make it, you just need to prepare chocolate, Oreos for topping, and some sticks.

Hopefully all these valentine cakes inspire you for this special moment. Happy Valentine’s Day for all of you.

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