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Bubur Sumsum
How to make a bubur sumsum/ porridge was very easy, the ingredients were easily obtainable. Bubur sumsum is a typical recipe Nusantara is made ??of rice flour then covered with a sauce of brown sugar water. This porridge is usually served when a family member is ill or who have children under five, because it is believed that this dish is easily digested in the stomach may be due to the soft texture. However, you can also present it as a meal porridge in the morning or during fasting.

Bubur Sumsum Material :
-100 grams of rice flour
-50 grams of glutinous rice flour
-400 ml UHT whip cream (Anchor Extra Whip) as a substitute for coconut milk
-975 ml of water
-½ tsp salt
-2 pieces of pandan leaves
-Vanilla taste

Caramel cream sauce Ingredients:
-100 grams sugar
-250 ml UHT whip cream (Anchor Extra Whip)
-1 tbsp butter (unsalted Butter Anchor)

How to make:
* Porridge: mix all ingredients and heat until boiling. Pour into a glass.
* Caramel sauce: heat the sugar to be caramelized, add the cream, butter, and stir until dissolved. Then pour the caramel sauce over the bubur sumsum before serving.

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