Cream Ice Butter Cookies Recipe Sandwich

Cream ice butter cookies recipe sandwich is tasty and delicious chocolates to be enjoyed. Soft and tender cake with ice cream topping and the contents is true steady. The cake is chocolate ice cream cake can we make for special events such as a birthday cake or make a special gift for friends or family. Butter cookies sandwich recipe for ice cream can also be served as dessert after a meal. This cake also can be a favorite cake for kids to bring to the school as a lunch dessert.

Cream ice butter cookies recipe sandwich is chocolate specials we can buy in the store and we make you at home. How to make chocolate ice cream cake is also very easy and practical. Special ice cream cake recipe is a combination of chocolate cake and ice cream. The following recipe makes a special cake ice cream cake soft and fresh. For the recipes to make chocolate ice cream cake are such follows;

These are the ingredients to make cream ice butter cookies recipe sandwich; chocolate ice cream 1 liter (store in freezer), 125 flour (medium protein), baking powder 1 tsp, 4 eggs, sugar 150 gr,3 tbsp. cocoa powder, liquid margarine 50 gr. And this is how to make the chocolate sauce ingredients: first, cook brown thick 100 g, 1 tablespoon butter, and 4 tablespoons heavy cream.

And how to make butter cookies sandwich recipe for ice cream; first combine flour and baking powder together until smooth add cocoa powder, sieve and set aside. Second, combine sugar and beaten eggs until fluffy then add the flour mixture and stir well. Add liquid margarine stirring until smooth again. Third, pour the batter into the baking pan that has been smeared with margarine and sprinkle in the flour. Fourth, you should baked dough with a temperature of 180 C ovens, for about 30 minutes until cooked chocolate cake. Remove and let cool. Fifth, remove the chocolate cake from the mold, and then cut horizontally. Sixth, take ice cream chocolate; stir briefly until slightly melted slowly. Put a piece of ice cream between chocolate cake cover with remaining cake. Put plastic wrap then store ice cream cake in the freezer about 3 hours. Seventh, make the chocolate sauce: Tim Brown cook until melted then add the heavy cream and butter, mix well. Eighth, remove the chocolate cake ice cream from the freezer; pour chocolate sauce over the surface of the cream ice butter cookies recipe sandwich.

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