Extend Vegetable Storage Time in Refrigerator

Extend Vegetable Storage Time in Refrigerator

You already know the benefits of vegetables variety for the body. However, do you know how to store vegetables properly in the refrigerator ?

Here are some tips for storing vegetables longer :

Separate according to the type of vegetables
There are various types of vegetables available in the market. After shopping for vegetables, saparate the vegetables according to its kind. Then, save the vegetable drawer regularly.

How to wash vegetables
You have to remember that some types of vegetables such as potatoes or onions do not need to be washed first before being stored. Washing root tuber vegetables (vegetables such as potatoes and onions) will make it so easy to rot.

Green vegetables should be washed first with cold water. If you do not want to be directly processed, vegetables should be dried and stored in a separate container with the other dirty vegetables. Therefore, wet vegetables will rot faster.

Store separately
Fruits and vegetables should be stored in a different cooling rack. The goal, so both of these foods do not affect each individual freshness. You need to know that the fruit contains ethylene gas (gaseous compounds that can speed up the ripening or decay) that can make vegetables so perishable.

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