Heavenly Lemon Mousse Recipe

Mousse in heavenly lemon mousse recipe, is from French means white foam. In fact these foods are mild and creamy puddings are like soft foam. Mousse bit chewy but tender texture and mild, as it uses beaten egg whites stiff, with the addition of egg yolk and milk or cream that richer flavor. There are many variations of a mousse with the taste and the look that you should try. Once tried, you will make the mousse as dessert favorites of your family and guests. The basic ingredients of fruit mousse are; juice, whipping, cream, gelatin, aroma, sweeteners, egg.

Heavenly lemon mousse recipe can be derived from the juice of fresh fruit is then crushed (juice) and can also be derived from a ready-made fruit juice (syrup), for example: orange syrup, Lychee, strawberry etc. Whipping cream is made from dairy ingredients. There are 2 types of whipping cream namely: powder and liquid form rather thick. Manufacturing techniques just add ice water (whipping cream powder) and whipped until fluffy and stiff, whereas for liquid whipping cream whipped in the cold until fluffy and stiff. It can be used as a base material mousse; whipping cream can also be used for decoration on top lemon mousse heavenly recipe.

Gelatin is a basic ingredient mousse made from animal cartilage extracts. There are 2 types of Gelatin namely: the powder and sheet form. How to use it only soaked / dissolved in hot water. Gelatin function mousse thickens. The aroma is used in the manufacture mousse can be include Vanilla, essence, coffee, rum, spices-spices etc. Functioning as an aroma scent and flavor enhancer resulting mousse in accordance with the criteria expected. The question is about sugar sweetener, which serves to give a sweet taste to heavenly lemon mousse recipe. Choose sugar free from dirt so it does not affect the results of lemon mousse heavenly recipe.

Eggs serve to soften and blend to make a liquid mousse, resulting in a soft mousse texture. For the ingredients are: 150 grams of sugar, 6 lemons, 40 grams of gelatin orange flavor, 60 cc of hot water, 250 cc of liquid milk, 200 cc whipping cream, 3 eggs. And these are how to prepare it. First, grated lemon peel and squeeze its water. Set aside. Second, dissolve sweetened condensed creamer and warm water. Set aside. Third, beat the egg yolks and sugar until fluffy. Fourth, add sweetened condensed creamer solution. Then wait until boiling. Remove and let the steam heat is lost. Fifth, enter the lemon juice, lemon peel, lemon essentialism, gelatin, and whipped cream, stir well. Sixth, beat egg whites until stiff, add to the batter. Stir well. Seventh, arrange biscuits on the base of the mold; pour the batter until 3/4 prints. Cover again with biscuits. Then store in refrigerator until congealed. Eight, ornamental can be set according to taste and serve the heavenly lemon mousse recipe.

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